Design Thinking for developers

As developers, we are often building a product based on requirements laid out by a designer. We are expected to craft code that consistently produces the await output for a particular input and to develop strictly with the user requirements in mind.

For designers, developers are often the dream breaker. They hit them with all the browser limitations and all the techy challenges. For developers, designers are comfortably sitting all day long scrolling through Pinterest and Dribble and day dreaming.

But the truth is, every role is precious and to help users have a great experience and get the most out of a product, developers and designers have to work on a respectful collaboration.

Design Thinking simultaneously considers what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. It allows teams to see through designers’ eyes and use creative tools to address a vast range of their challenges. But it also helps designers to incorporate the technical constraints in their process.
And no, designers aren’t just day dreaming and drinking fancy coffees. At least, not the ones we are going to talk about.

In this talk, we are going to see how to:
- Establish a common language and repeatable process for creative problem solving
- Learn how design thinking works and begin to apply these tools and processes in software development.


Rima Belrhazi
Product Manager

    Technical Project Manager, Agile advocate and UI/UX Enthusiast.

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