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العشية تعاشات، الخيم تعلات، الخيل تسرجات، و خمسيام د لموسم قربـــــات

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5 + 1 Tracks

5 tracks covering everything you need to sharpen your IT skills. 1 additional track because excellence is not only about code!

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Web, mobile & UX

Design and prototype faster, with an entire library of ready components.

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Backend Technologies & Programming languages

All about programming languages, functional, reactive, emerging languages, tools, libraries, etc

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Security & Architecture

How-Tos, strategies, tools, techniques, and best practices for getting architecture and security right.

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Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data, Fast Data, NoSQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, etc

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Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Serverless, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Cloud, PaaS, and anything in-between.

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Soft Skills

Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Evaluation, Mindfulness, Leadership...



CEOs, rock star developers, beginners and students, everyone has a place to share content in BlaBlaConf

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Moncef Baazet

Software Engineer

    session 1

    Othmane Kinane

    CTO @Nimbleways


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      PS: The schedule below is Moroccan Timezone (GMT+1)

      December 19

      UX, Web & Mobile

      Revisiting x State x Management

      Speaker Mohamed El Ayadi

      Mohamed El Ayadi
      Senior software engineer - @xHub

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      Building an Enterprise-Grade Component Library

      Speaker Chihab Otmani

      Chihab Otmani
      Software Engineer | GDE

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      Write once, run anywhere with PWAs!!

      Speaker Rabyâ Raghib

      Rabyâ Raghib
      Full-Stack Developer

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      React Native for web developers

      Speaker Siham Ben Daia

      Siham Ben Daia
      Mobile developer @Obytes

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      React Hooks: The good, the bad and the ugly

      Speaker Merouane Zouaid

      Merouane Zouaid
      Data Science Student - MERN Stack Web Developer - GDSC ENSAM Rabat Lead

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      Angular optimization: tips and tricks

      Speaker Mohamed Agoulzi

      Mohamed Agoulzi
      Software engineer

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      Browser Database for offline application use

      Speaker Youssef Hamlili

      Youssef Hamlili
      Nimbleways, Tech lead

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      Start from basics

      Speaker Hamza ElMenyry

      Hamza ElMenyry
      Senior Product Designer, IBM

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      Design Thinking for developers

      Speaker Rima Belrhazi

      Rima Belrhazi
      Product Manager

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      Hack ATS Test With Smart Resume

      Speaker Manal Benchrif

      Manal Benchrif
      Engineer Student in Information System & Big Data

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      December 20

      Big Data & Machine Learning

      ML for Production: The art of MLOps in TensorFlow Ecosystem

      Speaker Taha Bouhsine

      Taha Bouhsine
      Jack of all trades, master of Data Science

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      Football's Data Analytics in Python

      Speaker Elmehdi Dahbi

      Elmehdi Dahbi
      Junior data scientist, maybe.

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      What on earth is ONNX and ONNXRuntime ?

      Speaker Adam Louly

      Adam Louly
      ML Software Engineer @ Microsoft

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      An immersive experience using Ai in tarteel.ai app.

      Speaker Abdelilah Annan

      Abdelilah Annan
      Software engineer at FyComputing

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      Orchestrate your data pipelines using Apache Airflow

      Speaker Mahmoud Fettal

      Mahmoud Fettal
      Data and Software engineering student

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      Data for product

      Speaker Abdelilah Moulida

      Abdelilah Moulida
      BIM&CO, Data engineer

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      December 21

      Backend & Programming Languages

      Stream Processing with Kafka Streams

      Speaker Hamza Belmellouki

      Hamza Belmellouki
      Software Engineer @OCTO

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      How to make a "perfect" git commit

      Speaker Kawtar Choubari

      Kawtar Choubari
      Software Engineer & Content Creator

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      is PHP dead

      Speaker Mohamed Agoumi

      Mohamed Agoumi
      Backend Engineer at SQLI

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      Effective java.

      Speaker Adnan Merrakchi

      Adnan Merrakchi
      JAVA developer in belgium.

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      How to create your first Shopify app with Node.js

      Speaker Ilias Haddad

      Ilias Haddad
      Software engineer @Editframe

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      Destructuring Rust string types

      Speaker Mehdi Cheracher

      Mehdi Cheracher
      Software Engineer @Meta and a Rust Enthusiast

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      How to maintain Developer's Mental Health

      Speaker Achraf Aamri

      Achraf Aamri
      T-Digital ,Founder & Solution Architect

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      Level up your SQL skills as a developer

      Speaker Ouissal El machkouri

      Ouissal El machkouri
      Back-end developer at Xhub

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      What The Functions!

      Speaker Oussama Zaki

      Oussama Zaki
      Experience Engineer @Spotify

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      December 22

      Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

      Can your backend really handle 100k concurrent users?

      Speaker Abdelati Elasri

      Abdelati Elasri
      Site Reliability Engineer @elham.sa

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      OpenShift, or Kubernetes on steroids

      Speaker Rachyd Amine

      Rachyd Amine
      Student at Grenoble INP - ENSIMAG | INPT - Rabat

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      Master your software delivery with Feature Flags

      Speaker Youssef El haddady

      Youssef El haddady
      Software Engineer @Nimbleways

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      Hybrid Cloud : Extending your on-premises infrastructure

      Speaker El Wafi Mehdi

      El Wafi Mehdi
      Cloud Enginner & FullStack Developper

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      FaaS 101

      Speaker Abderrahim Soubai-Elidrisi

      Abderrahim Soubai-Elidrisi
      Cloud architect @Opt1mize

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      7 Lessons learned from becoming a senior engineer

      Speaker Abdel Sghiouar

      Abdel Sghiouar
      Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

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      Linux containers 102: beyond the basics

      Speaker Mohammed Daoudi

      Mohammed Daoudi
      Devops Engineer at Oracle

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      ChatOps to the rescue!

      Speaker Chaimaa Britel

      Chaimaa Britel
      Cloud & DevOps Engineer @Intelcia IT Solutions

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      You probably DON'T need a Kubernetes cluster

      Speaker Djalal Elbaz

      Djalal Elbaz
      NoCode is the best code, NoOps is the best Ops

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      The State of the Moroccan Startup Ecosystem

      Speaker Lotf Belych

      Lotf Belych
      Founder of HooLiik | B2B Mental Health Platform

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      December 23

      Security & Architecture

      A DevSecOps Journey with Security Champions

      Speaker Sara Mourad

      Sara Mourad
      Security Champions Leader at Worldline

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      OAuth 2.1 and OpenID Connect b l3arbiya

      Speaker Abdessamad Temmar

      Abdessamad Temmar
      Application Security Engineer

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      Chaos engineering for the rest of us

      Speaker Marouane Gazanayi

      Marouane Gazanayi
      Neo4j Consulting engineer - Professional Services

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      Intro to Secrets Management using Vault.

      Speaker Mouhcine Narhmouche

      Mouhcine Narhmouche
      Full-stack Developer at Ostorlab | ⎈ Kubernetes Certified (#CKAD)

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      Speaker Ouissal Elkorri

      Ouissal Elkorri
      Computer Science Student at ENSAK

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      Distributed System Design

      Speaker Abdelaziz Eroui

      Abdelaziz Eroui
      Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering @ Google

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      Privacy-preserving Smart Contracts

      Speaker Ahmed Lekssays

      Ahmed Lekssays
      Security Researcher

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      لي ما قرّاوناش Seniority 'ال

      Speaker Oussama Zaki

      Oussama Zaki
      Experience Engineer @Spotify

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      December 24

      In Person Day

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