React Hooks: The good, the bad and the ugly

Everyone says: "I love React Hooks", but nobody says: "What's wrong with React Hooks?"

No one can deny the fact that React Hooks are widely praised for their simplicity and ease of extensibility. However, they definitely come at a cost.
And as developers, we really want to ensure a reusable yet clean code, and in this case, Hooks are considered a double-edged sword.

In this talk I'll touch on React Hooks use cases, its downsides, and how to prevent it from 'spaghetti-ing' your code :)


Merouane Zouaid
Data Science Student - MERN Stack Web Developer - GDSC ENSAM Rabat Lead

    I'm a software engineer, content creator and a data science student from Agadir, very passionate about all aspects of software engineering, open source and machine learning and enjoy learning new skills everyday. I also make memes all the time :)
    Currently, I am pursuing an Engineering Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at ENSAM Rabat.

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