Building an Enterprise-Grade Component Library

Design Systems serve as a foundation for consistent user interfaces, they help you create experiences that are consistently excellent and on brand. Components within a design system serve as a foundation for the performance of a UI. They should be lightweight, fast, accessible, portable, reliable and documented.

In this talk, we will present all the technical challenges related to the creation and maintenance of a shareable component library that works for every team.


Chihab Otmani
Software Engineer | GDE

    Chihab is an independent consultant, trainer, and Google Developer Expert with a passion for web technologies. He has been building web applications for over 10 years. He has trained and coached hundreds of people around Angular and Web Technologies, from large companies to startups. Chihab has a strong passion for Open Source and communities, he is the creator and organizer of several local meetups in Morocco (Rabat.js, ngMorocco and JS Morocco).

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