Revisiting x State x Management

State being the only trigger of the update phase makes it the most important concept in the React's land. But with great power, comes great responsibility: State management.

Many libraries are out there trying to find a way to make this easier, but every time we maintain a codebase, we find even worse _state crimes_:

- Cannot update the state of unmounted components
- Showing the results of an early request
- Unnecessary re-renders
- No pending states
- Useless state variables
- Useless useEffects
- No cancellations
- No sharing
- Flashing old state
- And many more you can tell

This talk is more of a retrospection about all the crimes we've done managing state, while proposing _efficient_ alternatives for every widespread bad and anti-pattern.


Mohamed El Ayadi
Senior software engineer - @xHub

    Mohamed EL AYADI (@incepterr) is a senior software engineer at XHUB known by his famous "one line of code should do it". His teammates call him super developer for his ability to turn super sayan when writing code.

    Mohamed has been actively writing code for more than a decade using several technologies and tools, but his expertise is around Java and Javascript ecosystems.

    Strong open-source and community believer, he participated in making and designing several tools and libraries. The last thing he wrote is a next gen state management solution for React.

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