ML for Production: The art of MLOps in TensorFlow Ecosystem

This talk will cover the process of building machine learning solutions and how to improve it with the use of MLOps. Then we will look at the different ways and tools to deploy your ML models.


Taha Bouhsine
Jack of all trades, master of Data Science

    He was the founder and lead of GDSCUIZ. He is a Mentor at GDSC MENA. He is the Lead-Organizer of TFUG Agadir. He is a Machine Learning Researcher and a Data Scientist. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science Agadir, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco in 2020, then continued to receive his Master of Research degree in Data Science from the same University in 2022. His research interest includes Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Signal Processing, and Natural Language Processing, applied to solve real-world problems.

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