Intro to Secrets Management using Vault.

Secrets like passwords, access tokens, TLS certificates, and Connection strings are everywhere: git repos, developer's laptops, cloud environments or even on sticky notes somewhere in the office.
In this talk:
- I will cover how a secret management solution helps manage secrets in a convenient, secure and centralized way.
- Handling Authentication using different methods (Github, LDAP, k8s …).
- Setup Authorization and Policies (who can do what)
- Securely store and revoke secrets.
- Reading secrets by humans, machines and applications
- Usage of Secret engines (key/value - ssh - databases …etc ).
- What are dynamic secrets?
- Auditing and logs (who did what, where and when)


Mouhcine Narhmouche
Full-stack Developer at Ostorlab | ⎈ Kubernetes Certified (#CKAD)

    Hi, I am Mouhcine! I am a certified Kubernetes developer (CKAD) and open-source contributor.
    Currently a full-stack developer at ostorlab (mobile security as saas)
    I have more than four years of experience in software development using python, js and PHP.
    My day-to-day work involves working with various technologies and platforms: GCP, docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines.
    my GitHub profile:

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