Hack ATS Test With Smart Resume

We all agree that having hard programming skills is very important. But opening the door to your professional life is not enough.
The key that opens this door is called a 'resume' and to get your first job or an internship you need to pass his ATS test with this resume.

The presentation will focus on the fact that companies are moving to an automated hiring process.

- Overview of ATS.
- Best practices for creating your resume.
-Demos of 2 resumes, one passed the ATS test and the other failed.

Thank you !


Manal Benchrif
Engineer Student in Information System & Big Data

    Hello dear reader,

    I'm Manal BENCHRIF, Data Engineer and Scrum Master at Aikyo - WTM Ambassador and former leader of GDSC Ensa Berrechid.

    My experinence with BlaBlaConf experience can be resumed in his three main periods:

    - 2020 - Attending as student.
    - 2021 - I was a speaker and present the topic "How to Build Your First Sentiment Analysis Web Application Using streamlit".
    - 2022 - Ama & Tech.

    I believe that in my life I need to give something back to the community. That's why I attend most tech events to share my modest experience and knowledge with others and encourage them to discover more of the tech world.

    My proposal for this year is a special one. We chose the Soft Skills theme to give students insight into how to balance soft and hard skills and how important both are to a successful engineering career.

    Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn account to know more about my events.
    LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/manalbenchrif/

    Want to join? Make sure to get your ticket and join 5 days of learning, networking and fun in Darija
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