My talk will be dedicated to those who are always afraid to take risks and try a lot of things since they believe that outside of their comfort zone they won't survive, and the surprise is that they can do great things and realize undescribable achievements with just having enough guts to "Z3EM".

I want to mainly talk about 2 things:

1) We should drop the "I can't do this" thing. Because we can never guess the outcome of anything unless we tried it first.

2) The fact that we can do many things in parallel, and this is especially for students who might spend their whole life going to school all week and studying on the weekends, and don't LIVE. Thinking that life will start until they graduate and have a job, then they wait till they got married to start their life, and then again they wait until they have children, then they wait until they retire. And then they DIE! postponing their life till then.


Ouissal Elkorri
Computer Science Student at ENSAK

    I am a human being who loves nature, practices Bodyboarding, Yoga/Meditation, Basketball, and Skateboarding, and loves wild traveling. On the other side, I'm a Computer Science student at ENSA-Kenitra, and I will graduate in 2023. Also, I was a mentor in DigiGirlz Mentorship Program in 2021 and a Team Leader of DigiGirlz Uit Kenitra from 01/2022 to 08/2022.

    Since my childhood, I've always loved extreme sports, so besides studies, if I wasn't playing Basketball or skating, I was either bodyboarding or practicing yoga, or traveling...

    My purpose in life is to travel the world and share kindness.

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