From Code to Impact من الكود إلى التأثير

"From Code to Impact" is all about helping developers think differently. Instead of worrying a lot about which programming language or tool is the best, this talk says we should focus more on how our coding can help businesses. It's about using code as a tool to solve real problems. If one way of coding doesn't work for what the business needs, it's okay to change it or mix it with other tools. The main point is to make apps that do useful things in the real world, not just argue about which coding way is better.


Amine Tiyal

Amine Tiyal
Fonder of - Software Developer at

Started as a Marine Engineering Officer, using codings like make work easier. Then worked as a Port Officer, making tools as well.

Also did freelance web development and worked as a web developer at Exclusive. Tried starting a few businesses like Asperine, Makal, and Annaql, but they didn't work out.

Now working as a software developer at and running a new project called

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