How to: Observabiliy at Scale

In this session, i explore my team's journey from identifying the need for an observability platform to innovatively implementing it. i discuss the selection of key components, the challenges faced during its construction, and its integration into our culture. With an emphasis on a self-service and customer-centric mindset, i will also shed light on future adaptability measures for this platform in our constantly evolving digital environment. Join me to gain insight into constructing an observability platform in a company at scale!


Zakaria Anbari

Zakaria Anbari
@Schibsted, stability weaver within the realms of FinOps and observability

As a Site Reliability Engineer based in Oslo, I helm the observability and runtime environments at Schibsted, a prime Norwegian media and marketplace entity. My noteworthy contributions lie in driving FinOps and Observability initiatives.

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