Discover "inline" in 3 levels of complexity

As a software designer, it's crucial to have solid abstractions to ensure the ease of evolving an application. "Inline refactoring," often underestimated for its apparent ability to flatten abstractions and complicate matters, turns out to be a gem when combined with other refactoring techniques.

This live coding presentation, structured in three levels of complexity, will reveal simple yet powerful tricks. These will have a considerable impact on your ability to confidently perform meaningful refactorings. Get ready to transform your code in a secure and serene manner!


Mohammed Lamzira

Mohammed Lamzira
Senior Developper

Développeur, Formateur TDD et Legacy remediation.

Je suis passionné par les bonnes pratiques de développement et ce qui touche à l'eXtreme Programming comme le pair/mob programming, TDD, BDD, DDD, etc.

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