Social and emotional intelligence (SEI) skill

Social and emotional intelligence (SEI) is increasingly recognized as a crucial skill set for professionals in various fields, including developers. SEI goes beyond technical expertise and encompasses the ability to understand, manage, and navigate one's emotions and those of others.
In this session, I will explain why SEI is important for developers.


Meriem Bigoula

Meriem Bigoula

I work as a SAP CX consultant and I'm also an entrepreneur who loves combining the latest technology with traditional practices and caring for the environment to create a positive impact.

At "BIGOULA TECH," I take charge, using new ideas and technologies to solve complicated issues.

I also manage "FANIDA FLAVORS," where I explore and share the rich traditions of Moroccan bakery.

My commitment to the planet is shown through "BIGOULAND," where I work on permaculture to build a greener, sustainable future.

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