Mastering Node.js Debugging and Performance Optimization

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of Node.js development with my enlightening talk, "Mastering Node.js Debugging and Performance Optimization." This session is crafted for developers seeking to elevate their proficiency in debugging and unlock the secrets to optimizing the performance of Node.js web applications. I will unravel the intricacies of these crucial aspects of Node.js development, providing you with actionable insights and practical strategies to overcome challenges and enhance the efficiency of your projects.

In the first part of my talk, I will delve deep into the art of debugging and profiling with a focus on the powerful Visual Studio Code (VS Code) environment. Together, I'll guide you in gaining a nuanced understanding of asynchronous debugging techniques, equipping you with the skills needed to trace and troubleshoot complex Node.js applications effectively.

Let's turn our attention to the core of the matter—identifying performance issues in your Node.js APIs. I'll provide insights into leveraging performance profiling tools to pinpoint CPU, memory, and I/O bottlenecks. We'll delve into practical examples and real-world scenarios, illustrating how to discern whether the issues lie in database interactions, asynchronous operations, or elsewhere within your API architecture.

In the last part of my talk, I will revolve around practical strategies for resolving identified performance issues. We'll focus on tangible, real-world solutions that you can implement immediately to enhance the overall performance of your Node.js APIs.

Our journey will be enriched by a live demonstration. I'll guide you through a live scanning session where we'll identify performance issues in real-time. Together, we'll dissect the root causes and collaboratively implement solutions, ensuring you gain a practical understanding of the entire process.


Abdelhakim Rafik

Abdelhakim Rafik
Software Engineering Consultant | Certified Node.js Application Developer | Full Stack

Abdelhakim RAFIK is a seasoned Full Stack Engineer, leveraging extensive experience in software engineering to develop innovative features and applications for diverse products and companies. Proficient in a range of programming tools, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and Reactjs, he brings a versatile skill set to his projects.

Beyond the technical realm, Abdelhakim excels in analyzing customer feedback to figure out optimal pathways for creating and enhancing product features. Rather than defining himself only by past achievements, he thrives on the idea of continuous learning and growth. In his philosophy, skills can be cultivated, but personality is innate.

Fueling his pursuits is an abundance of energy and boundless enthusiasm. Abdelhakim is easily inspired and unafraid to explore diverse avenues that align with his passions. A multi-talented spirit, he possesses a natural ability to entertain and inspire those around him. Not content with merely generating ideas, Abdelhakim is driven by an almost impulsive need to act on them.

His dynamic energy pushes him in the pursuit of various interests, hobbies, and artistic endeavors. A rapid learner, Abdelhakim excels at acquiring new skills and seamlessly juggling multiple projects and roles. With an unwavering commitment to doing meaningful work, he is ever ready to embark on challenging endeavors that push the boundaries of his capabilities.

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