Crafting AI Agents with LangChain's Magic

In this session, I'll delve into the fascinating world of AI agents, highlighting the latest frameworks that are shaping the future of intelligent systems. We'll explore the enchanting capabilities of LangChain in combination with OpenAI's powerful language models to construct AI agents that are not only interactive but also deeply intuitive.

I'll share insights on the art of prompting—transforming simple inputs into complex, meaningful interactions. By examining advanced prompting techniques, I'll demonstrate how to effectively communicate with AI agents, guiding them to understand and execute tasks with a level of precision and human-like understanding that was once thought to be the stuff of fantasy.


Ali Khyatti

Ali Khyatti
Engineering Manager at Thinkable | AI Crafter

As an Engineering Manager at Thinkable Holding Inc., I specialize in the niche yet burgeoning field of Prompt Engineering. My role involves spearheading the development of Chain of Thought Meta Prompt Toolings, utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve. My day-to-day responsibilities revolve around steering our technical strategy, managing product development lifecycles, and ensuring that our AI solutions remain at the forefront of innovation, perfectly aligned with our overarching business goals.

Beyond my managerial duties, I am deeply invested in the dissemination of AI knowledge. As an AI Trainer Consultant for AI Crafter, I conduct bi-weekly master classes that are meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of professionals.

Furthermore, I am actively involved in the AI community as a member of MoroccoValley.AI, where I am dedicated to promoting AI development and fostering collaboration among professionals in Morocco. My commitment to the growth of AI extends to my participation as a member of the Morocco AI Developer Group, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem of AI enthusiasts and professionals.

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