Demystifying Threat Intelligence for Developers

My session provides a condensed yet comprehensive overview of threat intelligence, tailored specifically for developers. It aims to demystify the concept and show practical ways developers can leverage threat intelligence to enhance the security of their projects.


Dounia Haliloua

Dounia Haliloua
Cyber Security Enthusiast | Women Ambassador @CyberCohesion

I'm Dounia HALILOUA, a network engineering student deeply immersed in cybersecurity. My enthusiasm for this dynamic field drives me to share insights on the ever-evolving digital security landscape, I am Top cybersecurity voice in LinkedIn 😉. Serving also as a women ambassador at Cybersohesion nonprofit community based in Singapore, I'm dedicated to fostering inclusivity and knowledge exchange within the cybersecurity community. When I'm not immersed in code or configurations, I passionately advocate for cybersecurity awareness through public speaking.

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