Ach wa93 f Tech Education ?

Let's talk about the cool changes happening in tech education here in Morocco. We'll chat about the old school ways of teaching versus the new, and then dive into how we're getting our younger generation involved in the tech world.


Abderrahmane Merradou

Abderrahmane Merradou
Project manager at SIMPLON MAGHREB

Hey, I'm Merradou Abderrahmane. I've been all over Morocco, from Feguig to Tanger to Marrakech :)
After finishing high school, I jumped into a two-year SOLICODE bootcamp partnered with Simplon, where I learned web and mobile development. Besides coding, I was actively involved in various initiatives that greatly influenced my career.

One of my main contributions was organizing the first and second editions of SOLIHACKATHON. Additionally, I played an active role in our school club, leading robotics and programming workshops for kids using robots and Scratch.

Later, I joined Simplon Maghreb and focused on deploying social projects. I led workshops for over 1000 kids facing difficult situations across Morocco, aiming to involve them in the tech revolution.

Currently, I'm a Project Manager at Simplon Maghreb, overseeing the ENAA bootcamp in Beni Mellal. I'm passionate about tech education and love inspiring others to explore the fascinating world of technology, especially getting kids excited about it!

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