Stop Writing YAML and Start Generating Well-Built Kubernetes Manifests With CDK8S

CDK8S (CDK for kubernetes) is a CNCF sandbox project and an open source development framework that lets you define kubernetes applications and resources using familiar programming languages: Typescript, JavaScript, Python, Java, and Go.
Today, K8S resources are mostly managed via YAML files. As these applications evolve, these files become more complicated to manage and maintain. As a result, the reuse or use of abstractions becomes quite complicated with YAML files.
In this session, you'll find out how you can use cdk8s to create reusable components for your teams and accelerate the development of your applications on K8S. In addition, you will be able to manage and generate well-built and secure kubernetes manifests with your familial programming language using cdk8s main features.


Amine Ait Aazizi

Amine Ait Aazizi
Cloud Architect at IPPON Technologies

Amine is a Cloud Architect/ SRE at IPPON Technologies. Very passionate about Cloud Native architectures, DevOps practices, SRE and platform engineering ..… I help organisations perform in their Cloud journey and develop technical expertise.

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