Thriving in Tech: Secrets of Self-Taught Innovation

Join us for an exploration into the pivotal role of self-learning in the tech domain. Get practical insights and strategies to navigate tech changes by continuously improving yourself.
Discover the power of self-learning in tech. Gain essential guidance, whether you're a pro or just starting, on using self-education for continuous growth and success in the tech industry.


Fatima Chanane

Fatima Chanane
1337 student, software developer

I'm an IT student passionate about technology and problem-solving. Starting at ESTS, I gained hands-on experience in website development. Transitioning to 1337, I embraced peer-to-peer learning, mastering concepts like Docker and diving into UI/UX design through self-learning.
I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to share the knowledge and skills I've acquired to benefit others in the field of IT.

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