Ctrl+S+↑ : StartUp project bl Ai F rba3 sa3a (3lach la?)

had Session, ayi wa7d ay7dar liha aykhroj mnha b rou7 jdida, rou7 dyal entreprenariat o l'AI. kan3icho fwa7d lwa9t likatbghi mna nakhdo l action bzerba, o f session dyali kolchi andirouh bzrba, ldarajat ansaybo project entreprenarial lighaykoun powered bl Ai o mssayb bimossa3adat l Ai F 15 d9i9a o li 3ando possibilité iwli startup kamla mkmoula ila zdtih 15min akhra (just kidding hhh). mohim atkoun forssa fin aychoufo nass anaho gha f robo3 sa3a ach drana fo9 la scene, fama balok b nhar, simana, chhar, 3am... its all about the actions so gha twkl 3alah o dir niya twssal,o salaaamo 3alykom 😊 To Be Continued...


Mounsef Litniti

Mounsef Litniti
Founder of My Way & Co-Founder of Cardify

Founder of My Way and Co-Founder of Cardify, A young Ai Crafter and Software developer and engineering student @EMSI who want to leave an impact on society through his actions. With a strong interest and enthusiasm for artificial intelligence and IoT, Mounsef Litniti has been actively involved in various events and initiatives related to these technologies and entrepreneurship in Morocco.

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