The Art of Prompt Engineering

Unlock the full potential of your interactions with a large language model! Have you ever felt that your engagement with such models falls short of expectations? The key might be in the clarity of your instructions.

Imagine asking someone, perhaps a bright but task-unaware individual, to write about a popular figure. It's not just about the subject; clarity extends to specifying the focus—scientific work, personal life, historical role—and even the desired tone, whether professional or casual. Like guiding a fresh graduate through a task, offering specific snippets for preparation sets the stage for success.

In this talk, we will delve into the art of crafting clear and specific instructions to enhance your conversations with large language models. You will learn how to make your interactions more productive and get the expected output every time.

The idea is to learn two key principles for writing effective prompts, how to systematically engineer good prompts, and also learn to build a custom chatbot. All concepts are illustrated with numerous examples, which we can play with directly in our Jupyter notebook environment to get hands-on experience with prompt engineering


Soufiane Lamchoudi

Soufiane Lamchoudi
Analytics Engineer Bell/Cnexia

Soufiane Lamchoudi is an accomplished Analytics Engineer at Bell Canada, where his primary focus revolves around extracting actionable insights through in-depth analyses of various components within the company. With a keen eye for detail, Soufiane's work plays a pivotal role in providing valuable and strategic information to support decision-making processes.

Beyond his analytical responsibilities, Soufiane is actively engaged in the development of AI solutions aimed at enhancing the overall productivity of the company's workforce. His dedication to advancing technological solutions underscores his commitment to driving efficiency and innovation within the organization.

Soufiane holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Abdelmalek Essaadi University, showcasing a solid foundation in the fundamental aspects of his field. Building on this academic background, he earned a master's degree in Big Data Analytics from Al Akhawayn University. During his graduate studies, Soufiane actively contributed to research initiatives, focusing on object detection models within the unique context of Morocco.

Through his academic and professional journey, Soufiane Lamchoudi has demonstrated a passion for leveraging his expertise to make meaningful contributions to the fields of analytics and artificial intelligence.

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