learning by doing for junior developers: tipeshare.com as an example

- What is tipeshare.com?

Tipeshare.com is a website dedicated to TIPE (Travaux d'Initiative Personnelle Encadrés), a research project done by CPGE (Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles) students. These projects are presented after two years of work. Tipeshare.com was launched eight months ago and has gained 7.5K users in its lifetime.

-The importance of working on your personal ideas:

In this section, I will discuss how engaging with compelling and impactful project ideas motivates individuals to perform at their best, facilitating faster learning compared to working on projects found on platforms like YouTube or Udemy.

- Always prioritize the user experience:

I might talk about the significance of thoughtfully selecting technical features for the product. Developers often have a tendency to focus on developing the most sophisticated technical features. However, these very features may kill the success of a project due to their impact on the user experience.


Zakria Amensar

Zakria Amensar
software engineering student @INPT-RABAT

2nd year software engineering student @INPT-RABAT

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