Web Storage Unplugged: A Deep Dive into Cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, and IndexedDB

Curious about how websites remember your info and work smoothly? Join us as we unpack the tech secrets of Cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, and IndexedDB—the tools that make it all happen. A deep dive into each storage type, exploring real-world case studies, challenges, and innovative solutions. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting your web development voyage, this session promises to demystify the complexities of web storage, empowering you to orchestrate seamless and efficient data management in your web applications. Plug in and tune into the technical nuances that drive modern web storage strategies!


Ibrahim Mestadi

Ibrahim Mestadi
Software Engineer

Software engineer (Java - DevOps) diving into React and NextJS

Redouane Karzazi

Redouane Karzazi
Software Engineer @Neoxia Maroc | Ensias alumni | Tech enthusiast

Let it simple.

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