writing for tech: from tweets to books

for the past 3 years, I have been writing tech content in all shapes and forms: tweets, slides, blog posts and even a book! even if videos and podcast are now mainstream, there is still an audience for written formats.

I want to focus on long format, and give a feedback on what worked, what failed and the many good reasons to write a book on a technical topic.

the talk is based on experience, but also on reference books in our technical field: some are now useless (dead trees) while other are still thriving with 10 years of lifetime. what's the difference, how can we achieve same longevity and recommendability? there's a process for this, and the recommended steps can be summed up in a 20 min framework.


Djalal Elbaz

Djalal Elbaz
NoCode is the best code, NoOps is the best Ops

serial failer, compound learner, getting paid to have fun with computers, since 1999.

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